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With over 30 years experience in IT, Microminder genuinely recognises the impact of downtime to a business and the cost of threats, attacks and data loss or corruption. That's why we have developed a range of leading Protective Services aimed at preventing these damaging aspects and being proactive in intervening if your business is targeted.



We can fix your issue before you know you have one!


Signing up to a Microminder Protective Service is simple. All are paid for on a monthly basis by Direct Debit. If you want to cancel your subscription, just give us 30 days notice!

PLEASE NOTE: Where services are cancelled, all data backups and storage, auto-alerts and Microminder Technical team interventions will cease immediately.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Microminder is able to provide you with a whole range of backup and disaster recovery plan DRP in London and the surrounding area. We understand how important a backup and drp disaster recovery plan can be to even the most qualified IT manager, which is why we pride ourselves in offering an exceptionally professional and high quality service to all of our customers. Whether you are in need of assistance finding the best Cloud storage backup provider or someone to help with backup and disaster recovery plan, we are here to help. We also realise that while DRP disaster recovery plan in London can be a massive source of expenditure for a business, something like reliable Cloud backup and online backup can be priceless in the long term. At Microminder we can offer you the optimum solution for your requirements that are built with you in mind, every time.


Our IT support services in London can offer you outstanding business peace of mind which is set up and maintained by us, allowing you to do what you do best and let us take care of any problems or inefficiency issues that may arise. Each of the services we offer (be that Cloud storage, online back up or IIT disaster recovery services London) are always tailored to your individual needs and entirely backed by the expertise of our friendly and knowledgeable team.  Our ability to monitor and support your business allows us to swiftly take care of any incidents before they have a more damaging impact on your business. Our focus when it comes to ensuring that productivity and effectiveness of users means that you are guaranteed a quality of service that is second to none.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan DRP

Here at Microminder we have more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry which is why we pride ourselves in being so well equipped to help businesses become more efficient and protected when using IT hardware and IT disaster recovery services London. We recognise the impact that downtime to a businesses and the cost that things such as threats, attacks and data loss can have. In response to the constantly evolving needs of our customers, we have been able to develop a range of leading protective services that work towards eliminating the damaging aspects that can prevent you and your workforce from being proactive. Our intervention in the form of backup and disaster recovery plan means that we are able to prevent further problems from occurring and have the potential to fix any issues before they have the chance to happen.


As a leading Cloud storage backup provider, we understand how valuable something like Cloud backup can be. Using Cloud storage allows your business to:

  • Gain access to the documents you need at any time and from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection

  • Sharing documents become that much more easy and faster too

  • Using cloud backup means that you are reducing the risk of losing documents

  • This form of online backup is often more cost effective

  • Files can be archived for later use

  • There is less space taken up on hard drives for your files


As with any technological benefits, there are also drawbacks which is why we work hard to ensure that we can help our customers achieve a level of operational excellence that is unrivalled. We can help you stay ahead of the game and adapt your IT operations in an ever changing tech landscape.


Disaster Recovery and DRP's

The more our world moves towards digital and IT based work, the more important things like a backup and disaster recovery plan becomes. Your data is ultimately the most important part of your business which is why our disaster recovery service is so important. We work with a wide range of businesses that rely on us to deliver a high standard of professional IT support with a service that they know they can rely on - no matter what. Should you choose to partner up with us you will find that we will work with you to ensure that costs are kept down and that you are always able to have access to the expertise needed to make IT more accessible and functional for your particular purposes as opposed to posing obstacles and making the work you do harder thanks to our DRP disaster recovery plan.


At Microminder we put a strong focus on service and our levels of communication. We put our customers at the very heart of what we do, so whether you are particularly tech savvy or not we can provide you with the expertise you need in a format that is cohesive and clear. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our backup and disaster recovery plan London can help you and your business operate in a way that benefits both your customers and organisation as a whole. Whether you are on the hunt for a Cloud storage backup provider or any other service that relates to a online IT disaster recovery and backup and disaster recovery plan DRP, be sure to phone in and find out more!


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