Unified Communications key features

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14th September 2022

Unified Communications key features
Unified Communications key features

Unified communications are a go-to solution for business owners looking to streamline their businesses and increase employee productivity in the long term. 

See how Unified Communications benefit your business.  

Providing high-quality communication channels is crucial for any company. After all, it promotes cross-department collaboration and faster exchange of ideas. Since phones often don’t suffice for this, many business owners turn to unified communications.  

But what exactly is unified communication? Read on to discover the main concepts of this approach and how you can use it to help your business achieve success.  

What Is Unified Communications? 

It’s a ready-to-use system that allows for seamless communication in numerous ways such as phone, video, screen sharing, chat and file management.  

The system operates as a cloud, making it easily accessible to all team members with access to the internet.  

But why should anyone consider switching to unified communications?  

There are several reasons, but this is the most crucial:  

Business leaders who adopt it would be able to impact their business every day and make it seamless for employees to interact with each other.  

That said, we’ll list five of the key features of this concept to help you better understand how it can help you scale your business.  

1. Mobility  

When connected to unified communications, all employees can stay connected at all times and from all locations.  

It doesn’t matter whether they’re working from home, vacationing on a remote island, or sitting in the office.  

They’ll still be able to chat, receive calls, and more.  

2. Unified Messaging  

This allows employees to handle different message types using a single tool. They can easily switch communication modes, depending on their needs.  

3. Conferencing  

Whenever you need conferencing tools, you’ll have them in the palm of your hand. You can allow a group of teammates or customers from outside your organisation to connect and speak via video or audio from different locations.  

4. Fax Support  

Faxes received through unified communications appear as email attachments. This way, users can also receive faxes on their desktops and smartphones.  

5. Presence  

This feature lets other users know each other’s status. That means you’ll be able to see when someone is online (active), busy (do not disturb), or away (out of the office). 


If there are two things we feel we’re experts in, it’s Microsoft and Practices. With over three decades of experience in the dental sector, we understand what makes a successful practice and how our expertise and knowledge can help you deliver your IT strategy. So get in touch today for specialised support on how you can migrate your operating systems.

For more information you can call us today on 0208 799 6883 and speak with one of our Solution Consultants.

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