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Top Tips for Working From Home

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19th March 2020

Working from home has increased in popularity amongst many UK businesses. We’re lucky that with a UK-wide team, plenty of Microminder staff already do this. We know adjusting can be tricky, but we have pulled together our top tips for staying productive (and sane) from your remote location…

1. Routine

Stick to your routine. Whether it’s getting up to exercise or having a cup of tea before starting work, make sure you do it. Believe us when we say setting an alarm for 8.55am is a bad idea!

2. Get Dressed

We’d even recommend putting your work shoes on! It’s easy to sit there in your weekend get up or maybe not even make it out of your pyjamas. But think of the horror when you get invited to an unexpected conference call with your most valuable client. Nightmare!

3. Take Breaks

It’s still essential to take structured breaks that refresh your mind & body. If you’re working from home with someone else – why not eat lunch together? If you’re solo, pop out for a walk or call your mum. She’d love to hear from you.

4. Create Space

Make sure that you create a designated space for you to work from. Ideally, you want it to be out of your bedroom or a place you like to unwind. Create separation. Get some plants or desk decorations to brighten up the atmosphere as well!

5. Find Community

This could look like regular video calls with your teammates to ensure you feel connected on small day-to-day things. Or it could be away from work. Think about what hobbies you could pick up or groups you could join to improve the feeling of work and non-work mode at home. Book club, anyone?

Keep in touch and let us know if there is anything we can do to support you further with working from home. Team Microminder are always here to help.

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