How can you leverage the new MS TEAMS Payment app?  

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12th December 2023

There is now another option to streamline the payment process. Microsoft has launched the Teams Payments app. This is a new feature that allows you to request and receive payments from your customers. You do it within Microsoft Teams meetings.  

The Teams Payments app is currently available in the United States and Canada. Subscribers to Teams Essentials and Microsoft 365 Business get it at no charge. 

How Does the Teams Payment App Work?  

You can get the app from the Microsoft AppStore. You add it to your Teams account and connect it to your preferred payment service. You can choose from:  

  • Stripe 
  • PayPal 
  • GoDaddy  

To send a payment request, you just need to open the meeting chat. Then, select the Payments icon from the messaging extensions. Then, you can fill out a simple form. It includes the amount, currency, description, and recipients of your request.  

How Do You Send a Payment Request?  

Your customers will see the same card in their meeting chat. They can click on the Pay Now button to complete their payment. You will receive a notification that your payment has been processed.  


It saves time and hassle.  

You don’t need to switch between different apps or websites. You can do everything within Teams meetings.  

It increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Your customers will appreciate the ease of paying you through Teams meetings.  

It boosts your revenue and cash flow.  

You can get paid faster and more securely by using the Teams Payments app. You don’t need to wait for invoices or checks to clear. You can receive your money within minutes of completing a service. Either directly into your bank account or PayPal account.  

It enhances your professional image and credibility.  

You can show your customers that you are using a reliable and trusted payment platform. You can also add a seller policy to your payment requests.  

With the Teams Payments App, you can track transactions in real-time. You’ll receive instant notifications for successful payments.  It’s seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365.  

It helps you keep track of payments.  

The Teams Payments App seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365.  

It increases productivity.  

Efficiency is the key to productivity. You reduce the time spent on payment-related tasks by integrating Payments into Teams.  

The Teams Payments app marks a significant leap in digital business transactions. By leveraging this powerful tool, you’re simplifying payments.  


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