Six valuable tips to boost your VoIP security 

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21st September 2022

Six valuable tips to boost your VoIP security 
Six valuable tips to boost your VoIP security 

Given the variety of threats imposed by attackers on VoIP systems, it’s necessary to optimise your VoIP security ASAP. Here are six valuable tips to get you started with boosting your VoIP security.

Tip #1. Set Up a Firewall  

If spam or a threat comes your way, the firewall will identify and gain control over it, shielding your system from the attack. A good set-up will allow the data packets you send to travel unhindered.  

Tip #2. Use Strong Passwords  

Use randomly generated passwords consisting of at least 12 characters including numbers, upper and lower-case letters and symbols. Most VoIP phones come with pre-set passwords, often available publicly, change these immediately.  

Tip #3. Restrict Calling 

Many VoIP attacks happen due to toll fraud. So, if your business runs locally, there’s no need to have the international call option enabled. You should also block premium rate phone numbers to avoid toll fraud. 

Tip #4. Encourage Your Team to Report Suspicious Behaviour 

You should hold periodical Cybersecurity Training to keep your environment safe at all times. Train your employees on how to spot unusual network activity and report suspicious behaviour.  

Tip #5. Deactivate Web Interface Use 

Unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to use the web interface, be sure to secure it very strictly. It’s enough for a single phone user falling prey to leave the whole system exposed to an external party. All your data can be stolen in text format as a result.  

Tip #6. Use a VPN for Remote Workers  

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are great software that encrypts traffic regardless of your employee’s location. You can set up such a network for your remote staff to prevent data leaks and breaches. A well configured VPN won’t degrade the call quality. 


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