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Minimise the Cost of IT Management – the benefits of an IT Support Contract

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17th April 2018

“HELP, our Local IT engineer doesn’t understand the dental environment”. “They have no idea the time constraints we are under!”. “We have not had a working system in our Dental Practice for a week!”. “We tried to boot from our backup after the ransomware attack. Now, the same ransomware has attacked our Backup Drive!” These are just a few of the daunting occurrences I help Dentists overcome every month across the UK and RoI.

Cyber threats and networking issues are on the rise. This increase means minimising downtime, and IT management costs can become challenging. As a result, many IT providers will ‘trim’ their offerings by applying many conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions penalise clients and limit the number of hours of telephone support before charges kick in. In addition, IT Providers may charge Clients extra for parts, labour, and site visits. As a result, clients hear “Sorry, this is not included in your contract” more often than they see solutions!

Microminder provide complete and comprehensive Managed IT Support to nearly 2000 clients and has successfully done so for the past 34 years! We use suppliers that test and prepare their services and products with a focus on dentistry. Examples of these include Practice Management Systems and Digital Imaging. However, these products and services are becoming more complex. As a result, engineers trained in general IT products for offices often struggle to understand dental IT’s time constraints and technical specialities.

Choosing Microminder as your trusted IT partner ensures that you will be offered high-quality IT Support alongside a range of protective services and provide complete peace of mind to you and your team that expert help is just a phone call away.

As the leading IT provider to the Dental Profession, we believe every practice should be able to offer technical advancements to their patients. We also think they should be able to empower their teams to deliver this in a safe, compliant environment. That’s why we offer HaaS (Hardware as a Service)! Practices paying nothing upfront, no interest on payments and no inflation on services. You pay one fixed monthly direct debit!

If you have any queries or want advice about any of the services mentioned, please call 020 8799 6883 and ask to speak with Harpreet.

Author: Harpreet Nirwan has been a Technical Solutions Consultant with Microminder for around six years. He prides himself on forming great relationships with the Practices he works alongside. Harpreet also strives to offer a balanced approach to clients’ IT needs. He can speak with prospective clients about the full range of Microminder products and services.

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