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21st October 2021


Are you fed up with overpaying for telephone calls with traditional phone methods? Then VoIP might just be the thing for you. Here at Microminder, we can provide you with a BT VoIP phone to use in the office, on your mobile or at home. We can supply your business with a BT cloud phone to use to assist your company in making calls over the internet that are more reliable than relying on traditional phone systems.

What Is VoIP? 

VoIP refers to Voice Over Internet Protocol. This essentially means that you can use your existing internet connection to make calls over the WiFi, which is why VoIP can sometimes be referred to as internet calling systems. When you sign up to use your VoIP system UK with Microminder, we will equip you with the BT cloud VoIP (all VoIP services work using a cloud-based system). 

Once connected with the BT business VoIP, you can use your internet to make calls internally to your team who work from home to clients, patients and suppliers. So not only can you use the VoIP for domestic calls within the UK, but you can also use it to call businesses overseas. 

Why BT VoIP?

Call Quality

The quality of the BT VoIP phone calls is similar to when you use a landline system. However, like how the number of signal bars you have on your phone can affect the quality of the call over phone lines, the strength of your internet connection will affect the quality of your call. Therefore, some customers also choose to upgrade their current internet to make and receive phone calls of high quality (and allow for more reliability of calls when several team members often use the internet for calls simultaneously). 

Improved Call Reliability

A huge benefit of using VoIP systems is that the calls can more often than not be more reliable than using a traditional phone line. Again, the only factor that will affect the reliability of your calls will be the internet connection in your location. Most customers had noted that their call reliability improved when they switched to VoIP, as the calls were not jeopardised by factors outside of their control, such as weather causing the phone lines in your area to go down. 

And More

Read more about what VoIP phone services are and how to use them, as well as the additional benefits you can get from using Microminder to set up your VoIP phone in our previous blog post, ‘Getting Started With Your VoIP Phone System’. 

Why Should You Sign Up For BT VoIP With Us? 

So, you may be wondering why not just sign up directly with BT for your internet calls. This is certainly possible, but you will need to have a dedicated member of your team to handle the lengthy setup process and any tech issues along the way. When you purchase a VoIP phone system through us, we can handle the installation and set up process from start to finish, answer any questions you have about how to utilise the system to get the most from your subscription and offer 24/7 aftercare and support for when anything goes wrong. 

Relying on certain team members to set up and manage your VoIP system is all well and good until these tech-savvy individuals take a holiday or fall ill or even leave your practice. Therefore, setting up your BT VoIP through us will guarantee you can always have someone on the other end to help you through technical issues.

As a business specialising in helping dental practitioners get the latest technology to aid their business, we are here to save you time and hassle when moving over to use the internet for your business calls. 

Perfect Choice For Dental and Healthcare Professionals

Although we can help small businesses set up with VoIP UK, we specialise in working with independent dental practises. To date, we have helped over 1,800 dental practices in the UK benefit from the services we provide. 

We understand the dental industry like few other tech companies. We know that managing a dental practice can be a hectic and demanding role, and you may not have time to organise new electronic systems within your office. Booking your BT business voice through us means that we can handle the setup and any tech issues you may experience along the way, leaving your time free to deal with more pressing issues and look after your patients and staff as you should. 

What Are The VoIP Costs?

So, what’s the catch? A hefty upfront fee or a slow increase in your monthly subscription price? No way. Firstly, when you sign up to use VoIP services through Microminder as a business, there are no upfront fees at all. Secondly, VoIP calls are (almost universally) much cheaper than using traditional phone methods. This is because the system that the internet uses to make the calls uses less infrastructure. Thus, reducing costs, as the price does not need to factor in expensive installation processes and won’t require as much maintenance down the line. 

Another reason why VoIP calls are cheaper is because the technology used for VoIP systems is modern and, therefore, more reliable. Thus, leading to fewer expenses in repair work in the future. 

VoIP is a great, affordable choice for small businesses that can’t afford to fork out considerable deposits to direct a traditional phone line to their premises. The VoIP phones only need an ethernet connection (which your business, more than likely, already has and uses daily).

Please contact us to discuss pricing and plan options as we can’t give an accurate price as it will vary depending on the size of your business and your usage needs. 

Ready For Your Own BT Business Phone?  

Heard enough, and ready to set up your BT digital voice today? Contact our friendly team at Microminder to discuss your options for joining the other 1,800 plus dentists already benefitting from our 24/7 tech support services. 

Find out more about VoIP.

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