The Hybrid Office: 5 ways Microsoft 365 Can Help Optimise Yours

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29th August 2022

5 ways Microsoft 365 can enable the hybrid office
5 ways Microsoft 365 can enable the hybrid office

“Hybrid office” has become more than a buzzword. It is now the reality for many companies. 63% of high-growth companies utilise a “productivity anywhere” hybrid work approach. 

Here are my top 5 ways to use Microsoft 365 to optimise a productive hybrid office: 

  1. Microsoft Teams & Expanded Features 
    Webinar Registrations 
    Full VoIP phone system 

  2. New Meeting Options for RSVP in Outlook 
    RSVP in person or virtually 

  3. Better Framing for More Engaging Meetings 
    The ability to adjust the room view to see faces clearer 

  4. Using PowerPoint to Present 
    An upcoming technology called Cameo will integrate seamlessly with Teams and allow you to appear alongside your presentation 

  5. Speaker Coach 
    Personalised feedback on how to improve your presentations 

We love technology and we love helping people. 

Give me a call today, or get in touch for a quick (non-salesy) chat to determine whether my team and I can help you better secure your data and get more out of your existing technology! 

In the meantime, feel free to visit the Microminder website for more information!

Kalpesh Shah, CTO 

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