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Dentistry Show and...NHS Ransomware Attack...

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13th May 2017

The Dentistry Show is alive and kicking. Excitement for the Dentistry Show continues to build, and there is no doubt that the team have been busy preparing behind the scenes. However, yesterday afternoon, many people shifted their focus to other matters.

Around 3pm yesterday, the BBC started reporting a large-scale cyber-attack on NHS England establishments.

Later reports revealed the scale of the attack, the number of countries affected (around 99) and the devastating impact on GP and hospital services.

Reports also revealed the nature of the attack; the WannaCRY Cryptolocker virus had infiltrated thousands of systems, and those organisations identifying a breach took emergency protocol action and started closing down their infrastructure to minimise the damage/spread of the attack.

The team at Microminder have been advising clients about protecting systems as best as possible from such attacks, which are becoming more frequent, more sophisticated and more damaging with every iteration of the programme.

Lessons Learned:

– YOU MUST BE UPGRADE FROM WINDOWS XP to a current protected Operating System.
– WINDOWS UPDATES ARE IMPERATIVE. Therefore, updating PCs connected to a network with the latest Microsoft Patches is essential.
– EDUCATING TEAM MEMBERS is pivotal to preventing an attack – most attacks access a network through users clicking on spurious links in fake emails.
– COMMERCIAL-GRADE SECURITY is now NOT an optional extra it is critical, installed across the network – protecting your server alone in a Network environment is akin to having Fort Knox-level security on your front door but leaving all other doors and windows open!
The Microminder Team are ready to help and advise you. In addition, Microminder has a Security Suite incorporating some of the leading Security Applications.


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