VoIP - Creating a five-star Caller Experience; How VoIP can Help 

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20th June 2023

VoIP – Creating a five-star Caller Experience; How VoIP can Help 

As a dental practice, you are likely too familiar with the common struggles of missed calls, inadequate follow-ups and overall terrible customer service. All these issues can diminish your efficiency and ultimately hurt your revenue as well as drive away existing customers. Fortunately, VoIP communication is here to revolutionise how you take care of business in your dental practice! 

The First Challenge 

The number one problem with many current phone systems is that they were not designed with the consumer at their core. Often, when more than one caller tries to phone, they receive the engaged tone, or even worse, the call drops completely. This issue can lead to customer frustration, lost opportunities, and even lost revenue.  

Your customers need to feel valued, especially if they are in pain and want to feel reassured that someone is working to help them seek relief. To exacerbate the issue, you may not even receive a missed call in some situations.  

The Impact of VoIP

Our studies showed that a staggering 76.3% of callers move on to the next practice if their call is unanswered on the first try. To put this statistic into perspective, on average, practices lose around seven daily opportunities to missed calls. As shocking as this number is, some practices may find it is even higher, depending on their size. 

The Solution 

VoIP can solve these problems by offering a call routing system that places callers in a queue, eliminating the engaged tone. This way, your customer can hear the phone ringing and feel reassured that one of your experts will pick up their call. On the other hand, the practice knows who is on the call and can transfer calls internally, delegating callers to whoever is free to attend.  

VoIP also boasts another option: a customisable call routing system as part of its standard package. This routing system means your client can direct their own call by pressing different numbers to be transferred to the correct department. We know both your practice and your clients are unique, so we’ll always ask and involve you in creating your VoIP system.  

Improving Customer Service with VoIP

In addition to improving internal processes, VoIP can enhance your customer’s experience. VoIP offers customisable greetings, music, and information updates for your callers. The system can be set up to record calls for training and monitoring purposes, allowing practices to improve their customer service skills. Using call recordings, you can identify areas where your team might need further training and ensure that your customer service is of the highest quality. 

Moreover, VoIP can be used to provide valuable information to your customers. For instance, you can set up automatic messages to inform customers about your holiday closures or any special offers you may have. Callers can also be updated about their appointments, such as when they are due for their next check-up. By keeping callers informed, we can help you foster an even greater sense of trust and reliability, making them more likely to return in the future. 

Let us Support you! 

Our engineers understand your needs and provide unparalleled support for all your phone systems – even offering fibre access. When you call with a question or concern, our dedicated team answers within 13 seconds – no matter what time of day! So why wait? Contact me – Gloria Ongondo, your VoIP Phone Specialist, today on 020 8799 6883! 

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