Always Trying to Catch Up with Missed Calls? No Need… 

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1st August 2023

Always Trying to Catch Up with Missed Calls? No Need… 

Follow-up calls can be challenging to manage. Trust us, we would know. As a result, practices may miss vital information or calls altogether. To add to the issue, many of our clients found their team at reception always trying to play catch up. Not only did they need to review all the missed calls, they were trying to pick them up despite only having half the information they need.  

The Solution 

VoIP ensures that 100% of missed calls are flagged, and you receive an email notification every time a call is not answered, improving the practice’s efficiency and revenue. If your caller has left a voicemail, this is tied to the email as an attachment. It also allows for better workforce planning. Practices can see which times of day their team are missing calls, enabling practices to add additional staff during peak periods. Reception can also delegate calls to the appropriate personnel, ensuring efficient call management.  

VoIP also has an additional app option to revolutionise how dental practices handle their phone systems in-house and remotely. This app can be downloaded on laptops, workstations, or phones, allowing receptionists to quickly and easily manage incoming calls from anywhere. This is particularly useful in today’s world, where working from home has become increasingly common due to Covid-19 and other unforeseen circumstances. With this app, receptionists can answer calls and transfer them to the appropriate person, just as they would if they were physically present at the practice. 

Benefits for Any Business 

VoIP is not limited to dental practices; it can benefit any business. Small businesses can benefit from a VoIP system providing efficient communication, even with limited phone setups. Microminder Ltd. offers professional IT support, ensuring a smooth transition to a cloud-based communication system. Here is what some of our clients have to say about their experience with Microminder:  

“We want to say what a great IT company Microminder is and we have no hesitation in recommending them to everyone who is in need of IT experience. Don’t take my word for it try them for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed.” 
Margaret, Liverpool 

“…Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Microminder as they offer a fantastic service… your business is definitely in great hands.”  
Sofia, Dental Group 

“Microminder look after all our IT Hardware, broadband, antivirus etc. They are an excellent company to work with, friendly, patient and know what they are doing. It is very reassuring knowing they are looking after us. We recommend them highly.” 

Diane, Banbury 


We know that change can be intimidating, especially regarding cloud migration. But, with Microminder’s IT support, dental practices can seamlessly transition to VoIP and enhance their efficiency and revenue. VoIP is a game-changer for dental practices and any business that needs an efficient communication system. It can solve communication struggles, improve customer service, and benefit businesses of any size.  

Let us Support you! 

Our engineers understand your needs and provide unparalleled support for all your phone systems – even offering fibre access. When you call with a question or concern, on average our dedicated team answers within 10 seconds! So why wait? Contact me – Gloria Ongondo, your VoIP Phone Specialist, today on 020 8799 6883! 

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