Align your team to company targets with Microsoft Viva Goals  

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10th January 2023

Align your team to company targets with Microsoft Viva Goals  

You often hear the words “digital transformation” and “collaboration.” But what do they actually mean? What do they mean for the day-to-day running of your business?    

Collaboration can’t happen without shared goals. When departments are siloed and unconnected, priorities can conflict. People are doing their best but may not be moving in the same direction.    

Digital transformation is simply the use of technology to better reach business goals. This encompasses moving from analogue ways of doing things. Transitioning to tools that are more automated and connected.    

Microsoft has been at the forefront of digital transformation and collaboration. Its Viva platform drives an improved employee experience. It does this through the use of AI, automation, cloud connectivity, and more.    

What are Viva Goals?  

Viva Goals is one of the newest Viva applications from Microsoft.   

It connects teams so they’re moving toward a shared set of goals. Employees align, whether someone works in the accounting department or customer support. Business leaders can look at Viva Goals as a way to solidify company objectives. They can then tie these objectives to meaningful targets for each department.   

For example, say you have a corporate target to provide exceptional customer support.   

This goal by itself is generic. It doesn’t connect to what teams need to do to make it happen. In Viva Goals, that target can have directives for various teams. Such as customer support reducing ticket resolution by 8 hours. This brings goals to a meaningful level and allows organisations to track progress.  

Here are the key value-adds of using Viva Goals.  

Aligns Your Team to the Same Goals  

Viva Goals puts company goals and targets in a tangible form. There is a definition of success for teams and individuals. Work outcomes are directly connected to company-wide objectives.  

Maintains Focus on Goals  

Viva connects to other Microsoft Office 365 applications, making it easier to gather data insights. These insights help leaders more easily see goal progress. Employees stay focused on goals. This is because goals connect to their daily work targets. Rather than being something they hear at a company event, goals get infused into the workflow.    

Integration with Teams and Microsoft Office 365  

The integration with Teams keeps goals front and centre. Employees get recognised for meeting targets and helping the company achieve its goals. This keeps everyone engaged and moving together.  


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