Affordable penetration testing for your practice – your questions answered 

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14th September 2023

MPenTest – Affordable penetration testing for your practice – your questions answered 

MPenTest – Affordable penetration testing for your practice – your questions answered 

In a world where digital threats are constantly evolving, and cybercriminals are always looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit, protecting your practices digital assets is more critical than ever. At Microminder, we know your practice faces unique challenges in safeguarding their sensitive data and reputation. That’s why we’re proud to launch a new solution called mPenTest, a comprehensive penetration testing solution designed to help small businesses stay secure and protected against cyber threats. 

Welcome to our FAQ article, which aims to provide helpful information about mPenTest. Our goal is to highlight the benefits of this solution and emphasise the need to include it in your overall cybersecurity strategy. We will also delve into the purpose of mPenTest, its advantages, and how it can provide peace of mind through proactive cybersecurity measures. 

FAQ: mPen Test – Your Questions Answered 

What can you expect from penetration testing? 

Penetration testing (Pen Testing) is a comprehensive analysis of your computer systems, applications, and network infrastructure for potential vulnerabilities. By simulating cyberattacks, we can effectively identify weaknesses and provide a detailed report of practical recommendations to enhance defences. With our top-notch Pen Testing services, you can rest assured that your business is well-equipped to tackle real-world threats. 

Is Penetration Testing mandatory? 

Penetration tests are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended both by us and the NHS. By conducting a penetration test, you can proactively identify vulnerabilities in your system before cybercriminals exploit them. This precaution protects your practice, client data, and reputation and helps you comply with industry standards and regulations. Remember, vulnerabilities can arise from various sources, so investing in a Pen Test can go a long way in keeping your system secure. 

Why do we need a Pen Test if we have already implemented Microminder solutions? 

The reality is that in today’s digital landscape, systems are only partially immune to cyber threats. Even with our comprehensive security solutions, dental practices remain potential targets for hackers, who often exploit vulnerabilities in small businesses with less robust security measures. Penetration testing is a proactive measure to identify and address vulnerabilities, protecting sensitive data and patients’ trust. Attackers may access highly valuable information, including medical records and NHS numbers. 

While antivirus software is highly effective against known threats, it can’t protect against brand-new viruses that it has yet to identify. Moreover, human error is a significant factor in cyber threats. Even the most well-trained teams can sometimes inadvertently click on suspicious email links, potentially opening the door to cyberattacks. These scenarios are where a Pen Test becomes invaluable. It proactively seeks out these vulnerabilities, providing a crucial layer of security that complements your existing defences. 

Additionally, when it comes to your practice’s technology infrastructure, it’s essential to assess every component thoroughly. These include third-party supplies like your phone system, internet router, or digital X-Ray equipment. Our Penetration Test examines your entire technological ecosystem, leaving no stone unturned. From top to bottom, we scrutinise every aspect, even down to your chip and pin machine, for payment processing. This meticulous assessment helps us pinpoint potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your practice’s security. 

While we designed our solutions to protect you, understanding your practice’s vulnerabilities through a Pen Test is equally valuable. Hackers are increasingly targeting healthcare practices due to the sensitive nature of healthcare data, and the investments made in security are often limited. Identifying and addressing these weak points makes it significantly more challenging for hackers to breach your defences, ensuring the ongoing safety of your practice and patient data. It’s a proactive step that enhances your overall cybersecurity posture and safeguards your patients’ trust in your practice. 

How much does a penetration test (mPenTest) cost? 

At Microminder, we prioritise affordability by offering testing at nearly half the standard market price. We tailor our assessments to your needs, providing precise quotes based on your network’s size, complexity, scope, and unique requirements. 

It’s essential to remember that investing in security isn’t just safeguarding your business but also a cost-effective measure in the long term. Preventing potential breaches and protecting your reputation ultimately saves you money. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to initiate the process. We’re here to assist you in strengthening your cybersecurity. 

Am I even a target? 

Is your practice a potential target for cybercriminals? In the world of cybercrime, hackers often set their sights on organisations that house sensitive data. Smaller businesses with limited resources can be particularly appealing due to their perceived vulnerability. 

These attackers aren’t just after credit card details; they may also target valuable medical records and NHS numbers. It’s important to understand that paying hackers in Bitcoin, while sometimes done in desperation, isn’t a secure solution. Once data is compromised, the hackers may have already made multiple copies. 

Moreover, cybercriminals don’t always demand extortionate ransoms. They often ask for an amount they believe they can escape with, emphasising the need for proactive cybersecurity measures to deter them. Protecting your business isn’t just about avoiding hefty ransoms; it’s about securing your data and reputation in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

How long does a penetration test (mPenTest) take? 

The length of a penetration test depends on the size and complexity of your network. However, it is normal for it to take several days to assess your systems thoroughly. In the meantime, our experienced team will work as efficiently as possible to minimise disruptions or downtime. 

Can we do our own penetration testing? 

While you can conduct internal assessments, professional penetration testing, such as mPenTest, offers distinct advantages. Our experts bring an external perspective, simulating real-world threats that internal teams may overlook. We use the latest tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities comprehensively and impartially. This approach ensures the most accurate security assessment, reducing the risk of potential cyberattacks. 

What measures does Microminder take if they find vulnerabilities during penetration testing? 

Like a patient describing their toothache on the phone, clients might only sometimes know the full extent of their computer issues without a visual. That’s where our in-depth assessment, like a dentist’s check-up, comes in. We thoroughly examine the problems and create a personalised plan with costs. Clients have three choices: do nothing, fix urgent issues for a short-term solution (like a dental filling), or invest in a lasting solution (like a dental crown). We help clients understand their issues and options so they can decide what’s best for them. 

If we identify vulnerabilities during the test, Microminder takes a proactive approach. We provide a detailed report outlining the vulnerabilities and their potential impact. Additionally, we offer recommendations for remediation. We’ll promptly implement the necessary fixes for vulnerabilities we can address ourselves. For those that require specialised attention, we’ll recommend trusted partners or experts who can assist you in resolving the issues. Our goal is to help you strengthen your security posture and protect your practice from potential threats.  


Investing in your practices cybersecurity is a proactive step towards protecting your data, clients, and reputation. 

Microminder’s mPenTest empowers small businesses to identify vulnerabilities, strengthen defences, and stay one step ahead of cyber threats. 

Don’t leave your business’s security to chance. By understanding the significance of penetration testing, you’re taking a decisive step towards a more secure digital future. Contact Microminder today to learn more about mPenTest and how we can tailor our services to your needs. Together, we can fortify your digital infrastructure and ensure your business remains safe in an increasingly digital world. 

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