Advantages of Conditional Access over Passwords 

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14th December 2022

Advantages of Conditional Access over Passwords 

It seems that nearly as long as passwords have been around, they’ve been a major source of security concern. 81% of security incidents happen due to stolen or weak passwords. Additionally, employees continue to neglect the basics of good cyber hygiene. 

Access and identity management have become a priority for many organisations. Once a cybercriminal gets hold of an employee’s login; they can access the account and any data that it contains. Using conditional access policies can mitigate the risk of an account breach. 

What Is Conditional Access? 

Conditional access is also known as contextual access. It is a method of controlling user access. 

You can think of it as several “if/then” statements, meaning “if” this thing is present, “then” do this. 

Conditional access allows you to add many conditions to the process of user access to a system. It is typically used with MFA. 

This is to improve access security without unnecessarily inconveniencing users. 

Some of the most common contextual factors used include: 

• IP address 

• Geographic location 

• Time of day 

• The device used 

• Role or group the user belongs to 

The Benefits of Implementing Conditional Access for Identity Management 

• Improves security 

• Automates the access management process 

• Allows restriction of certain activities 

• Improves the user login experience  

• Enforces the rule of least privilege 


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