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5 Reasons You Need Data Backups

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14th February 2020

Imagine losing all your client information. It would be pretty devastating to your business, right? Having data backups are simple to maintain, but it can protect and save you from catastrophic business risks. Here are our five reasons to back up your data.

1. People Make Mistakes

You’ve accidentally deleted that important document. It’ll take hours to recreate, and panic ensues. Without backupup, you will have to recreate all that work. An effective Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan will help you recover those crucial files.

2. Data Loss can happen at anytime

Whether your machine has a physical problem, is infected by a virus, is stolen or has damaged caused to it, accidentally losing data can happen at any time and usually when you least expect it. An effectivBackupup and Disaster Recovery Plan will help restore your lost data.

3. Saving time

When you lose data, you must spend time fixing the issue. This fix might be simply rewriting an email because your computer crashed before you clicked send or as severe as rebuilding your client database. Either way, while you are working on trying to recover this data, you are not working on your business. In the worst case, you might have to redo everything. Not many companies survive this. Having an effectivBackupup and Disaster Recovery Plan will help you save time if you must recover any data

4. Falling foul of regulations

Lots of Businesses must keep records for various reasons, I.e. Regulations\ Tax reasons\Compliance. Losing data might not only affect your business, but you might fall foul of any regulatory requirements to retain data. These bodies won’t care if you have had a disaster. All it may mean is that you are not compliant and subsequently fine you. Adequate backups and a Disaster Recovery Plan will help you minimise these risks.

5. Reputation

Losing important files\Data can seriously affect your reputation in the marketplace. If customers find that you have lost their data, they may be more inclined to look elsewhere, and they will tell their friends. Having an effectivBackupup and Disaster Recovery Plan will help you avoid the embarrassment of losing customers’ data.
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