What to do if your External Backup fails

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26th July 2021

There is a possibility that your external backup solution could have a failure. This could lead to being unable to recover data in the event of a hardware failure on the server. Making it impossible to access files or files being lost altogether. Hopefully, this won’t happen – but if it does, follow this checklist to troubleshoot the issue. Microminder also recommends intermittently checking through this list to prevent failures in the future.

Let’s get started!

1) Does the external backup drive look in fair condition?

2) Does the connector on the backup drive look in fair condition? See an example of a drives input and cable that plugs in to it.

External Backup

3) Does the connector cable look in fair condition? See an example of both ends of the cable that connects from your computer to the drive here.

USB3 Hard Drive Cable
USB3 Hard Drive Cable

4) Do the connectors on each end of the connector cable look in fair condition?

5) Is the computer connector plugged into an ‘SS’ port. This specific port is pictured below, here blue (but not always) – note the symbols next to this. This is the type of USB port your drive needs to be connected to.

Example of USB2 and USB3 Ports
The difference between USB2 and USB3 Ports

6) Does the ‘SS’ port in use on the computer, look in fair condition?

7) When you plug the connector cable into the backup drive does it fit securely? Is it loose, does it look damaged?

8) When you plug the connector cable into the computer (Server) does it fit securely?

If this has fixed you’re problem – great! If you’re still unable to connect to your backup drive or have concerns with the condition of your hardware please contact us on support@microminder.com or 020 8799 6883

We will be able to check your drives connection using software and assist in any further support needed.

We hope this helps!

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