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3rd February 2017

People sometimes ask me why they should take out their IT Support with Microminder, a larger, nationwide IT Support provider rather than perhaps ‘Pete’, the local who lives ten minutes down the road and will pop along whenever you need him.

Ordinarily my response is always similar, genuine and accurate but now, somewhat scripted…

He may be a bit cheaper but are you comparing like-for-like? We know that in many cases the ‘Pete’s’ of this world will charge extra if they need to replace a part in your server (we don’t). Very often, telephone support will be included in the contract but not site visits which you will be charged for – which raises two points

1) Where is their incentive to fix this quicker for you remotely when they can charge you for a callout?
2) By the time you pay for the visit and then the parts, often it’s a false economy going with ‘Pete’!

‘Pete’s’ only ten minutes away. This is true BUT, if there is only one of ‘Pete’ what happens when you call for help with a dead server and he is already somewhere else ‘resuscitating’ one? What happens if he is sick? What happens if ‘Pete’ has taken his beautiful wife ‘Shirley’ to Magaluf for a week – the same week you get hit by a Crypto Virus???

Anyway, these are the usual, and I hasten to add, highly valid points that I respond with but the other day, I had a meeting with our MD and TD about the 2017 Microsoft Partner World Conference, now re-badged ‘Inspire’ and the significant investment it required from us to attend. This got me thinking. Is being part of Microminder all about those ‘superficial’ benefits outlined above or does it run deeper?

How many ‘Pete’s’ have gained the trust of leading software providers (SoE) as their only recommended Hardware provider?

How many ‘Pete’s’ invest in attending the Microsoft World Conference…come to think of it, how many are invited as recognised Microsoft partners!?!

How many ‘Pete’s’ invest in a dedicated Research & Development team to test and trial new products, services, research latest threats and work tirelessly behind the scenes to crack things likes Ransomware Cryptovirus Encryptions so that, rather than simply restoring from yesterday’s back-up and kissing goodbye to all of today’s data, we can run decryption scripts to recover as much as is possible?

How many ‘Pete’s’ invest in exhibiting at or attending over 20 exhibitions and conferences every year to engage with clients, negotiate with suppliers, and stay right at the leading edge of ‘techknowledgy’ to be best placed to offer the most powerful Protective Services, the strongest Vigilance Security Suite, and a team of techies capable of fixing most technical problems within a matter of a few hours for you – even if 5 of them are sunning themselves in Magaluf at the same time!

It’s like anything; any car will get you from A to B so why buy a Ferrari or Mercedes when a Fiesta will do? Why does one value the Ferrari more than the Fiesta? Any qualified Dentist can fill a tooth, why pay more to go with a Private Dentist in salubrious surroundings? Is it the filling or is there an appreciation for the investment made by the Practice in having an experienced dentist who has been on many courses; the investment made in making you feel more relaxed, comfortable, at ease in pleasant surroundings; the investment in your experience?

So, you see, ‘Pete’ may be able to fix the computer, but is he investing in you as a client? Investing in innovation, development, security? Aren’t you better off achieving peace-of-mind with a critical business system such as your IT Network by investing in a company who in turn, re-invests to deliver far more than a simple filling?

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