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DID YOU KNOW: Almost half of UK firms have been hit by cyber-attacks in the past year and the number


15th February 2018

Any company holding personal data, irrespective of size or value, is more likely to be vulnerable to these targeted attacks. You might well be thinking… “Well, we’ve not been hit by a cyber-attack so far, so what are the chances of us getting hit?”

Companies holding personal data, more than ever before, MUST use IT Support and take Data Protection and Disaster Recovery as seriously as taking out Business Insurance policies, in fact some Insurance companies now cover data-loss and IT security breaches, specifically for two reasons; 1. The threat to data is real with real associated costs and 2. Legal obligations are becoming more clear and stringent with responsibility being placed squarely on all parties who hold personal data.

With GDPR coming into effect in May 2018, businesses must prove that they have ensured ‘appropriate security and confidentiality of the personal data’.

Microminder offer a range of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery options all developed to aide with compliance of Data Protection through GDPR but to also ensure commercial benefits such as reducing downtime and maximising productivity and in turn, profits:

  • VigilanceTM Security Suite – a powerful, combined and comprehensive managed security product incorporating Antivirus, Web Control and System Performance Monitoring that alerts our team to suspicious activity enabling a fast, effective response to threats faced by your network.
  • QuarkTM Cloud Backup – providing complete peace-of-mind in a GDPR and Healthcare Information Governance compliant environment; with end-to-end encryption and up to 30 days of historical version control to retrieve loss or corrupted data through technical faults, human error or attack. With affordable Data Plans ensuring you only pay for what you need.
  • UptimeTM – The ultimate in disaster recovery, Uptime will replicate your entire primary server every 15 minutes and should your primary server go down unexpectedly, our technical team, working remotely, can spin your network up, migrate it across to the Uptime Server and have your entire workforce back up and running within 30 minutes. This powerful service prevents significant commercial loss and keeps your business running.

Don’t wait for a disaster before you act. ACT NOW

*source UK Government

Author: Angela Nyarko

Angela Nyarko is a Technical Sales Consultant with Microminder and in the 5 years she has been with the company she has seen for herself the growing need for businesses to invest in protecting their networks. She has experienced sites who have been hacked through their Chip and Pin devices, via dangerous web link browsing and of course, most recently, the stratospheric rise in the number of Ransomware attacks through Trojan-type email attacks. She is Microminders ‘go-to’ person for all Protective Managed Services such as Online Back-Up, Disaster Recovery and Security.

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