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At Microminder, our dental software support services for practice management software includes (but not limited to) R4 and Software of Excellence (SOE).

Our trained and experienced dental IT professionals help keep this critical component of your practice running smoothly. We use the latest technologies to prevent malware or viruses from infecting your system, monitoring and identifying problems before they cause problems.

Our instant backup keeps your patient data safe by backing up your system to the cloud every 15 minutes. Fully GDPR and GDC compliant.


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Software of Excellence

At Microminder we have extensive knowledge in how SOE works. We have been working with Software of Excellence for decades, and our team are completely fluent with the software.

SOE’s EXACT program integrates all the workflow processes of your clinical team, practice manager, and front office personnel.

The user-friendly software has a number of dental practice business tools to make you more profitable. The system automatically flags key indicators like cancellations or failure to meet appointments, allowing your team to manage follow-ups properly.


SOE’s Campaign+ function provides you with a large selection of designs and templates to help you craft personalised communication with your patients. Campaign+ helps market your brand using posters, flyers, direct mail, or whatever marketing system that best fits your practice’s style and target patient group.


CS R4 Dental Support

Our CS R4 dental management software package, a cloud management system, combines imaging, workflow, and instant patient data access into one practice management solution.

The unique, user-friendly dashboard provides snapshots of how your practice is working at any given time, allowing you to address any issues quickly.

The checkout queue reports check out results in real time to everyone on staff. By the time a patient reaches the front desk, any user has all the tools necessary to make future appointments for specific treatment plans, print receipts, provide statements or excuse letters to patients, and more.


  • E-Forms

              The R4 E-Forms feature allows your practice to transition to a paperless work environment. 
              The R4 system delivers the required patient forms directly to a patient’s email address prior to his or                    her appointment.

  • Mobile App

              The mobile app lets you and your managers access practice information from a smartphone.
              You can update and amend your diary, read a patient’s profile by a simple tap on the appointment                          calendar, and view patient x-rays or other images.

Microminder offers comprehensive support packages for all aspects of CS R4 to keep your practice management software running smoothly and efficiently.

Contact Microminder today on 020 8799 6883 to learn more about our R4 and SOE services.

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